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Topographic Surveys

Topographic Surveys: Land Profiles, Volumetric Surveys, and More

Topographic surveys show the contours of the terrain and any natural features. They show the locations of ground contours in relation to bench marks, making it possible to identify the locations of important features such as underground utilities. A detailed site survey shows features such as buildings, pedestals, manholes, catch basins, fire hydrants, light poles, and utilities. These surveys can also identify perimeter boundary lines and lines of easement if you’re designing a house, commercial building, road, or driveway. This will allow your architect or building designer to get an accurate picture of the zoning and plan accordingly.

Edwards Land Surveys’ services include:

  • Detailed land profiles for planning
  • Volumetric surveys for quantities
  • Elevation as-builts

Please contact us in Fort McMurray to learn more about services.

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