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Housing Surveys

Housing Surveys: Foundation Stakeouts, Footing Checks, and More

Are you building a home, planning a big renovation, or purchasing a house? Edwards Land Surveys can help you identify and avoid potential problems.

When you’re buying a house, you may not think you need a real property report. However, if you ever plan to put up a shed, fence, or other structure you’ll need to be aware of the property lines. Even if you don’t intend to build anything, you need to ensure that the neighbours have not encroached on your property and you have not encroached on theirs with fences, landscaping, and outbuildings. If you don’t get the survey done up front and there are problems you don’t know about, it can cost you a lot in both headaches and legal fees down the road.

Our housing survey services include:

  • Plot plans for permitting
  • Foundation stakeouts
  • Form pinnings
  • Footing checks
  • Rough and final grades
  • Real Property Reports

We provide our services to Fort McMurray and the surrounding areas. Please give us a call to learn more about our complete list of surveying services.

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